An Exhibition of Dr. Edwin Wheelers’s Life on the Bluff

Born in 1841, Dr. Edwin Wheeler arrived in Japan as a young British naval surgeon in 1869 and became a leading light in the fast growing foreign community of Yokohama. As a doctor who was closely associated with the Yokohama General Hospital, the historical predecessor of the current Bluff Clinic, Dr. Wheeler was said to have brought 500 babies into the world during his decades of service on the Bluff, and won far reaching accolades as a mentor to the still nascent practice of Western medicine in Japan. 
Viewing the humorous depictions of Dr. Wheeler and his era on the Bluff, one wonders how he ever found the time to dispense such care as he was known for among his patients, such was his involvement in the broader life of the foreign community, particularly in sports.  A standout cricket player at the YCAC, he was also an excellent rugby player, and enjoyed racing his yachts at the Yokohama Yacht Club, while also attending to his prized race horses at the Negishi Race Track.  All that activity seems to have kept him in great health until the Great Kanto Earthquake tragically took his life in 1923.
The America Yama Park, located at a prime hilltop location overlooking the old port city and which was the grounds of Dr. Wheeler’s former residence at Bluff 97, will be holding an exhibition celebrating the caricatures of the doctor taken primarily from the Japan Punch magazine. The exhibition will be running until May 10th 2019.
Exhibition Hours:  Mondays to Fridays, 06:00a.m. to 23:00p.m.
Location: America Yama Park Building 3F (Motomachi-Chukagai Station Building)

Dr & Mrs Edwin Wheeler